Who We Are

We are a group of people who love to dive and enjoy diver

Who We Are

OYE Dive started back in August 2009 after Sail Bunaken, the event starts from 12-15 of August 2009. Sail Bunaken is a Guinness world of record activity of the most divers in 1 area in 1 time, we’re unfolding the Indonesian flag underwater while celebrate Indonesian Independence day. The attempt of breaking world record itself is succeeded at that time because we made it to bring around 2,500 divers from all over the world to Malalayang, Manado, Indonesia. We started this organizations from Om Aji (Mr. Andi Makmur Ajie Panangian), that how we called him and continue to grow until now.

Keep Calm and Just Keep Swimming – I started my diving activity accidentally but now diving is my life.

Director of oyedive.com

Eat Sleep Dive Repeat – I build my career as a marketing for 12 years back, but after my first dive never think of come back as marketing any more.. 

Vice Director of oyedive.com

Our Oceans is Our Future – Not so interest in diving so much but always have big eyes in the environment.


Jakarta Office

Jalan tridharma utama 3, no.5, Cilandak Barat, Jakarta 

Makassar Office

Jalan Satando 3, No.13,   Makasar, Sulawesi

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